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WRSS is pleased to offer several valuable Marketing & Operations resources available to help better understand, execute and support Public Place distribution.
WRSS Value of Public Place Presentation
  WRSS embraced the opportunity to educate the advertising community on the growth and power of Public Place distribution & the audience it generates. Click the link above to access the WRSS Value Presentation – delivered in 2006 & 2007 to a growing number of Advertising Agencies as well as Publisher Advertising Sales Executives.  
Publisher's Statement Reporting Package
  In compliance with new Publisher’s Statement reporting requirements, click here to see a SAMPLE Public Place reporting package provided on a timely basis by WRSS. This information will comply with all new Public Place Publisher’s Statement reporting requirements.  
MRI Field Survey & Release Schedule
  DJG Marketing is the preeminent resource in audience, research and ad sales development services for consumer magazines. This direct association means that the experience, knowledge and resources of DJG Marketing will significantly contribute to what Public Place distribution can accomplish far beyond basic circulation parameters.  
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