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WRSS Creates New Targeting Approach - FOCUS 5


“A good Pubic Place plan starts with carefully matching category affinity to a magazine’s editorial position, but the thing that makes a good program great is effective geographic and demographic targeting directed to specific circulation or marketing objectives.”

Steve Douglas, EVP Research, DJG Marketing

To better help meet the Public Place quality & value needs of our clients, WRSS has created a new targeting approach called FOCUS 5. The genesis of this new targeting approach and the significance of the name is that this targeting approach simultaneously focuses on the use of 5 specific levels of targeting.

While each of the 5 levels of targeting stands on its own merits, FOCUS 5 blends all 5 different targeting tactics into one consolidated approach. The 5 levels include the following steps:

  • The 1st step is to identify and rank the top 25 U.S. DMA’s in producing subscriptions & single copy sales – areas with a proven pre-disposition to sample and trial the publication.

  • Level 2 provides an overlay of a regional-based audience delivery index applied against the top 25 DMA’s - effectively showing which areas of the country are audience delivery HOT-SPOTS.

  • Level 3 features rigorous PRIZM cluster analysis within the DMA HOT-SPOT regions to identify specific zip clusters that have the desired demographic profile of the prototypical reader.

  • The 4th step is to choose solid affinity based location types from the WRSS database of 1.4MM locations featuring 235 different venue types (SIC code verified).

The selected venue types are then filtered though geographic and demographic screens (levels 1-3) to net down to the absolute best locations for a specific magazine brand needs.

  • Level 5 adds one more WRSS developed segmentation step. The nature of certain category types lend themselves to further analysis and utility. Examples include multi-practice physician locations or beauty salon size as inferred by number of employees.

Wherever category enhancement data can be appended or derived from detailed analysis, WRSS will use this information to further identify the best Public Place locations to fit a Publisher’s needs.

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