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Public Place Fundamentals: WRSS Database Quality Measures

WRSS is the premium provider of Public Place distribution built and rigorously maintained for over 20 years on a high value/high quality platform.

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Here are the facts:

Source of Names: At issue – mail-ability, deliverability, and precision targeting leading to maximizing results and delivering quality readership.

WRSS: owns and carefully maintains a proprietary database – used ONLY for Public Place Distribution. Direct control over the entire data transaction process is a key element to maintaining the accuracy and dependability of the location file.

Key Stats: Creative Automation recently did deliverability testing against the WRSS database and found it 98.9% accurate at any given time. D&B, a comparable large scale compiled business list provider, states clearly on their web site that they only guarantee the deliverability of compiled names to 92%.

Ongoing Database Hygiene: At issue – what measures are taken to make sure the public place database integrity is maintained over time.

WRSS: WRSS completes –

  • 3 separate large user sponsored ACS processing delivering electronic USPS updates to our proprietary fulfillment system several times on a weekly basis.
  • Quarterly NCOA processing
  • Annual ABC opt-out processing (2007 opt-out <0.007%)
  • USPS zip + 4 + 2 address appends (critical for ABC 3 copy)
  • On going relationship with Creative Automation data hygiene systems including extensive address appending projects
Audit Compliance: At issue – 3 copy rule.

WRSS: given the nature of key categories (medical/dental, corporate) where clusters of separate practitioners may share the same location address, WRSS (through Creative Automation) leveraged our direct database control and invested considerable financial and staff resources to enrich the file to fully comply with 3-copy per location limitation - simultaneously developing an important category high-RPC overlay key in audience development.

Furthermore, in the first two years of complying with opt-out requirements, less that one-tenth of one percent (0.007%) of WRSS Public Place locations opted out.

Depth of Categories/Depth of Data: At issue – the degree to which a public place provider can craft a program that meets specific publisher objectives by getting to the right type of reader – combined with objectives relating to audience development.

WRSS: 275 location categories including 4 levels of sub-classification provide an affinity based platform such that a publisher may drill down to very specific location types. In addition to PRIZM demographic and DMA geographic targeting overlays, WRSS has also developed additional segmenting levels (i.e. medical/dental multi-practice, # of chairs-personal care salons).

Customer Service Support: At issue – the degree to which the communication channels are made available such that database locations may make changes to their address and deliverability profile.

WRSS: Maintains a proprietary fulfillment system totally dedicated with a toll-free 800 number as well as a separate email/web page to handle public place location inquiries – from which database updates are made in real time.

DJG Marketing Resources: At issue – presence of corporate resources with a unique, special ability to provide valuable expertise and support in the challenging area of MRI/audience development.

WRSS: The full resources and expertise of DJG Marketing are available directly through WRSS, including access to syndicated research as a value-added component.

Advocate For The Source: At issue – devoting resources to support the value of Public Place directly to the ad buying community – so that the sales process concerning Public Place is understood for the audience value it delivers.

WRSS: Unprecedented with circulation providers, WRSS launched an aggressive “best practices-value added” presentation outreach to senior level ad agency executives including every company represented on the ABC Buyers Advisory Committee. Has maintained agency call profile every month.


Sales Training – Face-to-face & Collateral: At issue – devoting resources and expertise to properly prepare ad sales executives how to understand and present the value of Public Place.

WRSS: In addition to creating the WRSS Public Place Profile – which uses ABC Statement & MRI data to re-calculate a RPC for Public Place copies, WRSS has delivered dozens of customized sales training presentations aimed at preparing ad sales people to present and respond to objections concerning “verified” Public Place. Every presentation is custom-tailored, not cookie-cutter and delivered by a person with hands-on advertising background.

Web Site Support: At issue – devoting resources to develop a web property that comprehensively presents the value and the “best practices” approach to insuring that Public Place is quality distribution.

WRSS: wrss.com is a multi-faceted, continuously updated web site framing “best practices” in Public Place as well as the unique WRSS approach/credentials/DJG support designed to serve our clients as a planning tool.

Quality Leadership: At issue – the organization that has time and again demonstrated leadership in Public Place during a period of great change and unprecedented consternation over a circulation source.


  • Committed to the “verified” platform from the beginning because the non-paid status of the source is reflective of its true nature.
  • Worked to create the category allotments used to build the template for Publisher’s Statement reporting.
  • Delivered value of public place presentation to every major advertising agency.
  • First to execute the opt-out requirement.
  • First subscription agent to buy and use MRI and VISTA data to help demonstrate the growth and value of Public Place distribution.

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