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Definition of Practice

Health care provided by a medical professional as a general practitioner with whom a patient has initial contact and by whom the patient may be referred to a specialist – often used attributively.
WRSS Database Dynamics

Current Primary Care count – 72,472

Top County – A – 43.7% (31,670 locations)

Top 3 States – California (10.4%) – Texas (9.9%) – New York (7.9%)

Top 5 DMA’s – New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas

Top 5 Demographic Groups (as defined by PRIZM)

Cluster/Name Group HHI Age Employment Education
01    Upper Crust Elite Suburbs $121,186  45-64 Graduate Plus Management
03    Movers & Shakers Elite Suburbs
35-54 Graduate Plus Management
02    Blue Blood Estates Elite Suburbs $126,538  45-64 Graduate Plus Management
05    Country Squires Landed Gentry $107,442  35-54 Graduate Plus Management
09    Big Fish, Small Pond Landed Gentry $87,539  45-64 Graduate Plus White Collar, Mix
Multi-Practice Locations

Of all available Primary Care offices, 7,548 (10.4%) have multiple physician practitioners. These offices are highly desirable due to their larger waiting rooms and heavier patient traffic resulting in more exposure to potential magazine readers.

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