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So that you may gain an understanding of the diversity and the extensiveness of the WRSS database of Public Place locations, we offer the following categorical overview of the entire database organized by affinity groupings. Within each section you will find specific location alternatives as well as current counts for each type.  
So that you may be assured of the quality the our locations, note that WRSS recently confirmed the full database viability using a comprehensive battery of list hygiene tests – and found: 96.8% of records were accurate at the ZIP + 4 level, 99.3% were accurate at the ZIP level and 98.9% of locations were consistently deliverable during any given mailing period.  
This icon () indicates there are additional subcategories available. To access subcategory information simply click on the icon next to the desired category.  

  Category             Total

 Aviation Schools and Clubs725
Community Organization24,629
Country Club594
Educational Services24,482
  Child Care140
  ES Teacher Lounge11,085
  HS Teacher Lounge327
  MS Teacher Lounge96
  University Health1,876
 University Related4,420
 Government Office2,307
Home Design and Building9,875
 Non-Profit Organization99
Professional Services44,557
 Recording Studio2,061
Social Services199
Specialty Retail5,690
 Tattoo Parlor3,462

Multiple Practice Medical & Dental Location Information
To access current category and counts of available multi-practice medical and dental locations, click the icon at left.
Canadian Location Information
To access current category and counts of available Public Place locations in Canada, click the icon at left.
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