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Multiple Practice Medical & Dental Location Information
A very valuable asset of the WRSS database is the segment of locations characterized by multi-practicing physicians and dentists. These locations offer a powerful Public Place program element because they deliver the highest concentration of potential readers. Quite simply…the more practitioners…the more patients…the more potential readers/subscribers…the more effective the Public Place program.

The information below shows current multi-practice locations available by medical and dental category specialty.

This icon () indicates there are additional subcategories available. To access subcategory information simply click on the icon next to the desired category.  

  Category             Multiple Single Total

Dentist 10,426 106,038 116,464
 Dental Specialistlearn more... 1,400 11,519 12,919
  General Practicelearn more... 9,026 94,519 103,545
Medical 39,222 248,344 287,566

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