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  Targeting the right location makes all the difference….
The diverse choices for  
  Targeting Public Place Distribution with WRSS:  
  • PRIZM Cluster Analysis  
  A census-based data overlay that combines demographic and geographic elements enabling precise targeting to very specific population clusters.  
  • Designated Market Area (DMA) + ABCD County  
  Geographic data used to select large population, highly affluent locations - characteristic of venues with a maximum amount of public place traffic.
WRSS will more often synchronize several of these targeting options in tandem.
  • SIC Code Classification Systems  
  Every location on the WRSS is enhanced with Standard Industry Classification (SIC Code) enabling selection based on U.S. Government business classification requirements.  
  • WRSS Proprietary Database Selects  
  In over 20 years of perfecting targeting needs to specific magazines, WRSS has developed a number of proprietary zip tables corresponding to very specific affinity matching needs.  
  • Exclusive Publication Data  
  WRSS has developed the ability to extract information from fulfillment or list management databases to blend into a targeting plan or complete a one-of-a-kind stand alone approach.  
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