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Value Added: Ad Sales, Marketing & Positioning Support
  WRSS has developed a number of value-added support initiatives for Public Place distribution. Available upon request.
WRSS Public Place Profile  

This 2-page document combines circulation data with MRI audience data to present an adjusted reader-per-copy metric directly attributable to Public Place copies. It has proven to be an excellent tool for articulating the value of Public Place distribution.

Volumetric Data – Product Purchasing  

Volumetrics data (source MRI) reports the amount of dollars (in millions) spent on specific product categories in the past 12 months. As shown in the example on the right for Health & Beauty Products, Volumetrics is reported by the source of readership – including Public Place copies. This data quantifies the great purchasing power of Public Place.


Available for bringing clarity to the facts surrounding the great value of Public Place distribution, WRSS has developed a 30 minute presentation that factually covers the audience development, reader engagement purchasing power as well as audit related reporting requirements of Public Place distribution.

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