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Q: What are the publisher objectives in using Public Place?  

In general, publishers depend on WRSS Public Place distribution to meet one or a combination of three separate objectives:

  • To create awareness and interest
  • To foster trial & sampling to find the next generation of readers
  • To positively impact audience development including specific demographic metrics
Q: How long does it take to affect changes in audience management once a program is initiated?  
  A: Current research indicates that given MRI survey waves and field study methodology, it is typically 12-18 months before effects are measurable. This is commonly known as the “lag effect” among researchers.  
Q: How does WRSS make sure locations do not receive duplicate copies of a publication?  
  A: The WRSS fulfillment system has the ability to monitor and update which publications are in each waiting room area. In addition, it is standard procedure to run merge/purge against a publisher’s circulation file in advance of the program start to prevent duplication.  
Q: Who manages the subscriber names on an issue-by-issue basis?  
  A: The vast majority of our clients opt to have our fulfillment center hold and administrate the site list, providing tapes or labels for each issue directly to the publisher’s production facility. However, some publishers prefer to add the names directly to their main file. WRSS offers either option.  
Q: How much lead-time is required to set-up the operational side of a WRSS Public Place program?  
  A: Ideal lead time is 10 days, However it is possible for us to implement a program much more rapidly if necessary.  
Q: How is reporting for the audit bureaus handled?  
  A: The WRSS fulfillment center prepares all distribution reporting information to comply with all Publisher’s Statement & Audit Report requirements in a timely and easy-to-utilize manner.  
Q: Is the WRSS database available for rent?  
  A: The WRSS is reserved exclusively for the distribution of magazines on behalf of our clients and is not available for rental.  
Q: How many different publications are involved in the various WRSS programs?  
  A: Over 140 major publications currently participate in our programs.  
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