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Origins & Structure

Public Place is not a commodity resource – QUALITY COUNTS. Owning our database allows WRSS the access, flexibility and control that is necessary to grow and maintain the best Public Place database of locations available – anywhere!

WRSS developed a proprietary fulfillment system fully dedicated to meeting the expectation that Public Place distribution must flexibly, seamlessly and dependably fit into the overall circulation operations of our clients on a timely basis.

There is no single source for the thousands of Public Place venues available on the WRSS database. Currently populated by nearly one million locations, this vibrant database was built from a variety of business-to-business resources made up of proprietary sourced data as well as commercial providers.

Category Content

When WRSS started in 1988, barbershop, beauty salon, family practice doctor, and dentist locations formed the nucleus of a comparatively unsophisticated mix of location options. However, today’s WRSS mix of locations is extraordinarily rich – offering over 110 different types of medical locations alone!

In 2004, WRSS acquired additional business classification data that enabled us to establish 3 levels of category sub-classification. This enhancement now provides over 230 specific venue types on the WRSS database which enables even more precision in affinity matching a specific magazines to the correct location type.

Data Hygiene & Compilence

Quality Public Place distribution starts with a guarantee that the database mailing addresses are up-to-date and deliverable. The entire WRSS database is periodically refreshed with NCOA appends as well as continuous USPS ACS updates. In addition, the WRSS fulfillment system includes an on-line customer system that offers several ways for a Public Place to contact WRSS with address changes, updates or other requests.

And finally, the entire WRSS database is fully compliant with audit bureau related opt-out requirements for 2010.

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