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Assess The

…by taking a full inventory of current
circulation, audience, research, ad
sales, web site and promotion
dynamics – specifically how they have
trended over an extended period for
a specific magazine brand.

Analyze The

Proper planning for Public Place also involves taking stock of the competitive set – especially noting the competition’s strengths and vulnerabilities within their circulation and audience metrics.
An important step in planning Public Place is the identification of goals and objectives because it will be the blueprint for program volume, term, location affinities as well as the targeting approach.
Create & Execute Plan: Focus on Category Affinity & Precise Targeting WRSS’ longevity & experience is most apparent the way we create and execute a public place plan. We start by designing a plan with great focus on category affinity with precise geographic & demographic targeting – followed by the seamless way in which we integrate into a publisher’s operational structure.
Monitoring &
Support &
Successful Public Place distribution is a dynamic
resource requiring a long term distribution continuity
based commitment. As consumer marketing
conditions change, competitors evolve, new
objectives emerge, WRSS remains highly involved to
make sure the Public Place plan stays focused and

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